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Shamanic Journeying-Healing Circles

Joseph will be leading Shamanic Journeying-Healing Circles at various locations.

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Shamanic Drumming-Journeying Circles

When you venture on a Shamanic Drumming Journey, you will be open to a non-ordinary reality in altered states of consciousness, and obtain insights not available to you in everyday awareness. Drums have been traditionally used to help Spiritual and Shamanic Practitioners, Healers and those who practice many forms of meditation to develop and enhance their abilities to take "Journeys of the Soul." These Journeys result in a greater understanding of the Universe. At the onset of the Ceremony, you think of questions to ask your "Teachers" that you will meet during the Journeys. The Shamanic Drumming Journey then leads you into altered states of consciousness and helps you to connect with insights for Healing, as well as receiving the answers to the questions that you ask.

The drum acts as a Medium through which the journeyer reaches these unvisited deeper levels of consciousness. You are now able to "ride" the drumbeat into altered states. This is why the Shamanic Drum is sometimes referred to as the Shaman's "Horse." By following the repetitive rhythm of the drum, the mind's inner chatter quiets, and the pathway is opened for the mind and heart to freely express themselves through images, symbols, songs and chants, tones, colors, sensations and a sense of "Knowing."

You will reach increased levels of awareness regarding "Life's Purpose" and the challenges that are holding you back. You can Journey back into Passed Lives to address and resolve issues of trauma that may have manifested in this lifetime as dis-eases, phobias, addictions, etc. When these issues are addressed and resolved during the Journey, the conditions become healed. This is an alternative to hypnotherapy.

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