Holistic Life Master Joseph would like to share a few Testimonials with you:

To Joseph,
I can never repay what you have done for me. I truly believe you have helped save my life. I had advanced breast cancer and now my M.D.'s are telling me it has disappeared. They say I have made an amazing recovery. I was very skeptical of Reiki until I was treated by you. Now, I firmly believe in Reiki. You are very talented in this form of healing. I strongly recommend Reiki Healing and Shamanism to everyone and I hope they go to you for treatment. You have a gift for healing both emotional and physical maladies and I am lucky to have you treat me.

Very Sincerely, Karen Munkacy MD

Dear Joseph,
Thank you so much for helping me to heal, grow and learn. You have opened my eyes to the ancient teachings of the Shaman and have taught me how to spiritually connect with all beings. It's amazing how balanced we can all become through simple meditation and connectedness with the universe. You are truly a great teacher and healer and I am blessed to have crossed your path.

Love Always, Analisa M. Dominic

Dear Joseph,
You are the one person who has literally been able to change our lives. My husband, Joe, has suffered with a skin condition for most of his life. Over the last several years it has been getting increasingly worse, almost to the point where he didn't even want to go outside, normally his favorite place to be. The sun and the Jersey shore air seemed to be the things that triggered the most severe flare ups. We have visited many different doctors, including dermatologists, allergists, and more. No one could help. They all just wanted to quick fix the problem with medications, but the symptoms would return immediately when the dose was finished.

Joe saw results after just one session with you. Through your treatments his condition has been completely under control. Basically, it is gone. We are able to spend our summer swimming in our pool and we made several trips to the Jersey shore, again enjoying the outdoor experiences we were missing out on in recent years. Just when we were ready to give up the battle, you stepped in and gave us hope. We are forever grateful to you.

Sincerely, Lisa and Joe Motisi